Is A Sona Masoori Rice Good?

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It’s extremely widespread and popular in India and also it’s exported to many world countries like the USA, Canada, European countries, Australia and UAE etc. In fact, there used to be two kinds of rice, sona and masoori, both of the following sorts are good –yielding.

Sona has got very fine grains, it has got somewhat bad threshability, whereas masoori has got short and fine grains and this rice sort is medium tall. It’s also delicious. When combining these two sorts into one, you get a very nice and tasty rice sona masoori with premium quality. It’s widely used and cultivated in such Indian areas as Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This rice possesses excellent aroma and its weight is light.

Is Sona Masoori Rice Good?

The common type of the mentioned rice possesses medium –size grains, it’s not sticky when being boiled, its texture is light and it has got a little sweet taste. It’s very common in use and it’s not as high-calorie as basmati rice.

Plus, basmati rice is a polished rice sort, and it’s got less nutrients than the sona masoori, that is not polished, as a rule. So, for daily usage you are suggested to take sona masoori rice for cooking and your dishes won’t be so high-calorie, not sticky and extremely tasty with this type of cereal.

Is Basmati Rice Better Than Other Rice?

Basmati rice sort is also a really common and popular rice type both in India and many other world countries, it has the longest grains of all the rices and its taste is a little nutty. It’s better and more delicious than regular white rice, but it has got both brown and white variants.

Of course, the brown basmati rice is thought to be healthier and more useful in cooking. When compared with jasmine rice, which is in use in Thailand and other Asian countries, it’s softer than jasmine rice but the jasmine variant possesses nuttier taste and odor.

So, it may be said that basmati is an excellent rice variant, just not desirable for everyday use, as it’s high –calorie.

What Is Sona Masoori Rice Used for?

One more advantage of the popular sona masoori rice is that it has a low starch content, and being unpolished rice, it’s useful for diets and healthy eating. It’s used for such popular Indian dishes as biryani, idlis, just simple fried rice and sweet pongal.

It is often flavored with saffron or turmeric bringing the rice a characteristic yellow color and special taste.

Is Sona Masoori Rice Boiled Rice?

Sona Masoori is a type of rice, you may have it boiled, of course, but mainly it’s raw. Maybe you are able to meet special packs of boiled rice sold in the supermarkets, but mostly this rice is sold raw and you may cook any tasty dish from it.

How to Cook Sona Masoori Rice?

This rice type is cooked in the same way as the common white rice, but if you want to see some suggestions, here is one variant to your taste;

  1. Take one cup of this rice sort (sona masoori)
  2. Two or two and a half cups of water
  3. Salt – one third of a teaspoon
  4. Butter – one tablespoon
  5. A big saucepan, pot or sometimes skillet

For removing some starch from your rice portion, you should put the rice under the water stream from a faucet and stir it a little bit with a hand and then wash off the remaining water from the rice. The process may be repeated a few times until you are satisfied with the result. After that you may pour water into the rice and leave the pan for fifteen minutes.

Then put a saucepan or pot on a burner and add butter and salt, let the rice start boiling. When it boils, stir rice a little, remove some water from the pan and cover it with a lid. As a rule, rice is cooked for around fifteen minutes and you will know when it’s done as the water will be completely gone from the pan. Now your rice is ready and tastes great.

How to Cook Sona Masoori Rice in a Microwave?

When you need to do faster cooking, the microwave version will do. For that you need one cup of rice, two or two and a half cups of water and bowl, which is suitable for boiling. The first steps of boiling rice in a microwave are the same as in the mentioned way of cooking.

Just after your rice is already in the water, put the bowl into the microwave and boil it for 10 minutes. Don’t forget to cover the pan with a lid before cooking.

Sona Masoori Rice for Biryani

Biryani is a popular Indian dish and it may be made with chicken or just with vegetables. These are the recipes in both variants for you and your taste pleasure:

  • Biryani with chicken
  • Veggi Biryani

Sona Masoori Fried Rice

There are so many recipes of fried rice in the world that you might really get lost in their variety. But there is one delicious recipe for you to try and that is a fried rice dish with vegetables and eggs. Try this mouthwatering dish and you will want to repeat it again.

Sona Masoori Rice for Babies

Rice isn’t the best choice for feeding babies, as they may develop rashes or any other allergies after eating rice. But you may try feeding your baby with some rice sorts. Sona masoori will be a nice choice for that. But for feeding your baby, you need to boil rice thoroughly, then mash it and give to your baby.

The other variant is to grind rice grains to powder and then boil it and serve with veggies for your baby. If your kid feels fine after trying this rice, continue feeding a baby with it. Or you may try make oats for the kid to get the necessary nutrients for your baby.

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