Write For Us – Guest Post

Write a Guest Post for Us

If you think you have an interesting “food” content to share with us, you can try and send it to eatdrinkrabbit.com. But first, please consider the following guidelines. We are quite serious about this.

  • We are currently interested in stories inside the U.S. Though, if you have a story of international scale (U.S. included), we shall definitely consider it.
  • Be informative and provide articles on HOW things work. Not just about WHAT things are happening in the sphere. We value solutions, methods, and ways to solve various problems and their causes and we would like to make our readers think about food in a fresh way.

You can tell us about:

1) What changes are caused by trends in the supply chain (in terms of new requests, financial aspects, business models, etc.)

2) Why things work (or do not work) this or another way.

3) Major food failures (that’s actually even better than food achievements).

4) Stories about nutrition, food safety, supply chain, funding models, etc are more than welcome.

What if food is the main subject in one big story that includes culture, politics, money, and power? Think about it. We are always glad to accept something unique!


Please attach a few (2-3) posts of your creativity related to the topic.