How to Make Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
Written by Eat Drink Rabbit

I’m going to be making some chocolate-covered coffee beans. Now I’ve got some coffee beans from a microlocal grocery store and I actually picked the hazelnut flavor. I’m going to be putting my chocolate and some paraffin wax on the double boiler. There is my little boy paraffin wax to go in well let that melt a bit before I add my chocolate.

I have 1 cup of milk chocolate and 3 cups of semi-sweet. Chocolate chips the hardest thing to melt is the wax. I just want to get these melted evenly and temper the chocolate. So to speak, try to keep my little setup here. Since I don’t really have a real double boiler, try to keep this from falling down into the water.

I think I’ve got enough water for a spoon afloat, this is melting pretty quickly. It’s not all melted. I’m gonna wait till it’s all melted before I add the semi-sweet morsels. I’ll have the milk chocolate the last I don’t want it totally sour. It wants to build it up so I might dip them a few times and then let them harden. And then we get them. I might even happen to have to lower the temperature so that it’s not quite so. It’s more of a thicker base.

Mom always used paraffin wax. You can buy that and stuff you can use in your foods in things like peanut butter balls so that’s what I’m doing with the chocolate MN. They have to have a shiny coat. It would be better to have it be more stable at room temperature.

I’m turning myself young. I’m a little bit more. Turn these holding onto my duffel folder as if I mix these into the wax and just start to melt all of those now.

If you don’t have a double boiler you can do like this: put a smaller pot into a bigger pot to create your double boiler. Well, stick a glass bowl on the top if you have a big enough glass bowl. To go across the top if your bomb has glass bowls. They fit down inside this bigger thing and not really enough to fit on top of the others. That wasn’t black efficient enough this isn’t this right here, I’m gonna add the stock. I don’t want it too sweet for my coffee bean. Now my coffee beans smell so good, nice. Always used to have the chocolate cover of coffee beans.

Without all that little extra sugar, I guess it’s a self so that sits these coffee beans are hazelnut flavored it’s even a little bit better. It’s just starting to be a little bit better melted down once I get it melted, I will turn down the temperature to hold it at the right thickness.

Move my tray over here. Thanks to it they have parchment paper on it not wax paper to parchment paper. I think wax paper might work okay, but more likely the rack and heat will melt with easily sticking.

Parchment paper works much better for things like this. Okay, so I’ve got just a few pieces in there that don’t seem to be wanting to melt.

I’m gonna go ahead and start dipping my coffee beans in there. I’m gonna do it this way I’m doing my spoon, stirring them around, and putting them on my paper. It’s not like you have a whole bean, because I think each of these beans is like half of being too out of work and more.

I’ve gotta hit it and put all the coffee beans into here to get these coated. I am just gonna spread this whole batch onto this parchment paper. And break it apart like you do dark. Take it out to the refrigerator to let it kind of cool and then I’ll break it apart as much as I can in the individual chunks.

I back see how I can get little bitty chuck’s from. Maybe I’ll let this come to room temperature first anyway. I’m gonna be breaking it into little pieces like that.

I’ve come up with an easier solution now it’s more room temperature. So much easier to break it apart with my hands be it messy. I’ve got it all scrunched up some of the coffee beans have probably gotten away from the chocolate. Somewhere in the midst of it and I’m gonna put them in a ziplock bag.

I probably did not use enough paraffin wax for the recipe I knew. I didn’t so anyway I’m gonna keep this in the refrigerator. They’ll make good little snacks. I’m warning ya caffeine boost is reusing the ziplock bags. I had originally put some of the beans in or in the milk chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate.

In as well as two of them, one of them was in the refrigerator with the milk chocolate. The other was one that I put the semi-sweet in because I have a big bag of the semi-sweet.

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