How to Get Coffee Smell out of a Thermos

Written by Eat Drink Rabbit

I use these kinds of coffee mugs. I think they’re great for the environment because they’re reusable. I’m not throwing away a bunch of paper or a bunch of plastic. These are what are called coffee mugs like reusable travel coffee mugs. I have a lot of them. I have two here with me.

I drink coffee every morning and I pour my coffee in here. The problem is that the smell of the coffee gets stuck either on the inside of the coffee mug or the lid especially. Then it’s such a turn-off because then I can’t drink my coffee. I feel like it just smells like old stale coffee the next day. No matter how hard I tried cleaning it. I just could not get the smell out.

I just tried soaking it overnight with this detergent, throwing them in the dishwasher hot water bleach. I tried everything and I could not get the smell out until BAM! Enter baking soda.

  • Now I have this huge box of baking soda because I use it every day. But it’s really simple to smell it. I didn’t know how easy it was. All I do is I just pour a little bit of baking soda inside of it and then I will put some hot water in it. Let it soak for like two minutes. Then the washing is normal and the smell it’s gone.
  • For the lids, I just put it a little baking soda in a bowl and some hot water. Then I stick the lid in the bowl again. Let it sit for like two minutes and the smell is completely gone. It smells fresh. No more coffee smell, no weirder stale icky, you know the old coffee smell. It’s just fantastic.

I’m gonna show you how to know your armas without using soap. It’ll sterile it well it won’t be 100% sterile. But it will clean it out all. You need salt, water. You’re obviously gonna pour a little bit of salt.

Try not to get it on the edges cuz, you’re sealed out there obviously. Your salt down there kills germs. You need salt, need hot water. You don’t have to boil the hot water, but I do, because then it’s you know boiling water and salt will obviously kill germs very fast.

If you’re like me on Fridays when you’re done with work for Saturdays. I leave my thermos everything in my truck and get to work on my chores. So all the old nasty coffee that was in there is also just disgusting and it’ll brutally turn nasty.

You don’t want that other thing with these old thermoses. This is an older one, it’s not a glass one, but it is older, you want to try to keep it.

You need to prime your thermos before putting coffee in it. You want to put just hot water in it from the tap. You know obviously after you clean it out you want to put hot water in it. Put the lid back on the screw. It on you know make it tight and do that until you’re ready to put the coffee in. Because it’ll make the insulation here very hot and it’ll keep it hot.

What we’re gonna do now is? I know this is hot because the water I put in it was damn. They’re boiling coming out of that tap. Now when you fill it up with all that salt in it, fill it up past that little brim. Let it sit for food or at least a few seconds. Smells like the ocean.

All right just let it sit like that. I’ll dump it out of sugar or the salt should it disappear right now. Now the rest of the water will give it a good shake drive real fast. That’s pretty much how you do it if you want to rinse it out a couple more times before you put the coffee in it.  That’s fine but that’s pretty much how you clean a thermos without?

Because when you use even just a little drop a little tiny drop a dial it’s in there for like three weeks. If you do put soap in it, first still run salt through. The salt we’ll get rid of the soapy taste.

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