A New Braunfels Smoker and Types of Smokers

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Offset Smoker

New Braunfels company was famous for the manufacturing of the offset smokers, which were quite famous among the fans of traditional smoking. So, offset smokers are the oven, which are created for cooking the meat outside and they are classical smokers.

Classical smoking means that the ovens don’t use pellets or gas for making the meat ready for eating. In the following smoking machine, there is a separate horizontal department where the meat or veggies are smoked, while the wood or charcoal for a smoking process are placed in a firebox, which is attached to one of the department sides. In the offset smokers there are often shelves for placing various kinds of meat at the same time. So, the cook is able to place a lot of brisket pieces, ribs, steaks and pork or beef shoulders in an oven when starting the process of cooking. Of course, these grills are extremely popular as you get the wonderful crust and a smoky taste of your meat dishes after making them in the grill of this type.

Smoker Price

A smoker price may vary a lot depending on the kind of a smoker, the brand and the age, of course. The Braunfels smokers are usually not expensive and their price ranges from 100 dollars and more. Nowadays the old smokers of this brand are sold online and in the various stores for a very low price, so after buying it, a grill lover is able to remodel and it and make multiple modifications to the old thing and bring it to its second life.

Bbq Pits (Braunfels)

In 2002 the man, owning the Braunfels company made a decision to shut it down and the products of this brand started to be produced in the Char-Broil plant as the Char-Broil bought the name. The Char –Broil brand is one of the biggest producers of electrical and gas grills for outdoor use in the US. Their main plants and offices are located in Columbus.

In general, the old Braunfels grills are considered to be more classical and heavy ovens in comparison with the new ones from the Char-Broil factories. So, the lovers of old grills prefer to obtain the grills of the older manufacturing and redesign them for further use. The new grills are thought to have several important modifications and they have got thinner metal covering, which makes them lighter but more prone to breaking.

Vertical Smoker

Vertical smokers are perfect for those cooks, who love to cook in big amounts. These smokers are often named cabinet grills. A vertical grill is a large box or department with many shelves in it, so you might put into it a lot of various meat kinds like chicken meat, a lot of ribs, briskets, pork bellies, pork shoulders etc. You may smoke as much meat as you like and need there.

Hondo Smoker

New Braunfels company was famous for their Hondo smokers and after getting a new owner there are only two models of Hondo series left. They are the Hondo Offset Smoker and the Junior Hondo Offset Smoker. The improvements were made to the new models and they possess cast iron grates already instead of the old think porcelain grating. They also added handles for the oven for more comfortable usage. There some faults in the following grills: the temp controls are absent and it’s very uncomfortable for the users as they have to get a thermometer and measure the temp with its help by putting it into the pit.

Smoker Cover

When you acquired the best grill smoker, you had better think about getting the best and most suitable smoker cover for it. The perfect variant is obtaining the cover designed exactly for your grill model. The covers are great for preventing various troubles with the grills like rust, influence of different harmful elements in the air etc. Plus, your grill is going to look shiner and newer with the smoker coverage. It will certainly make the lifespan of a grill oven longer when using the grill cover fitting your oven model. It’s up to you to decide in this situation but you need to think ahead of time and care about your grill equipment.

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