Maine VS Canadian Lobster Overview

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 For seafood lovers it’s always a pleasure to try something new and delicious caught from the sea. 

Generally, there are lobsters living in waters that are warm and the ones living in waters with cold temperatures. Lobsters inhabiting waters with col temps possess claws unlike the sea animals living in warm waters. So, when you are eating or watching a lobster with no claws it might be Australian or California lobsters. The edible parts of these sea creatures are only tails and their meat is not so delicate and sweet–tasting as the meat taken from the claws. But still it’s very delicious and nutritious for any person trying it.

Both Canadian and Maine lobsters possess quite big claws together with the meat which is incredibly delicious and appreciated. The price on lobsters is also extremely high, so you are unlikely to try eating lobsters every day unless you live in the area where these sea animals with shells are caught. In this case you are a happy seafood lover, as you might eat fresh lobsters, shrimps, fish etc. for a low price.

Are Canadian and Maine Lobsters the Same?

In fact, there is no big difference in these two lobster types as they belong to the one species ‘Homarus Americanus’, that’s why when eating them or just looking at them, you will see no distinctive features. But there are several distinctions that come from their area of living.

Commonly, in the US the lobster sizes allowed for fishing are primarily creatures of a middle size. The distance between eyes and the carapace end should not be less than 3.25 in. and not more than 5 in. In such a way the people provide surviving small and adult breed of lobsters. These measurements are to be taken after catching a lobster with a special gauge.

Maine’s waters are warmer than those of Canada, so lobster living in Maine waters have got softer shells. Consequently, their meat is softer and more tender when tasting it. But because of softer shells Maine lobsters have shorter time of transporting them after catching and the time makes up from twenty- four up to forty- eight hours.

Canadian lobsters inhabit cold waters, so their shells are harder and meat is less tender and sweet than that of Maine lobsters. Still, the time of transporting Canadian lobsters after catching is loner and it makes up from forty- eight to seventy- two hours. That’s why frequently traders choose to get Canadian lobsters for selling as their tie of transporting is longer and more convenient for them.Related: 36 Unique And Fun Lobster Gifts For Seafood Lovers

What is the Difference between Rock Lobster and Maine?

The rock lobsters are the ones, having no claws or very small claws for eating them. So, the only edible part of the rock lobster is its tail, which has got a lot of meat. Maine lobsters possess big claws, their meat is more tender and sweet in taste, the meat may be found both in claws and tails. The Maine lobsters are good to eat whole-fried. But when eating the kinds of lobsters in a soup or any other dish where they are cut, there is little difference in how they taste.

Is Maine Lobster the Best?

Yes, it is one of the best lobsters in the world or even the best one. Cold water lobsters should be left live after catching them and they should be cooked alive while the rock lobsters are commonly sold as the frozen tails. So, if you happened to stay in Maine, visit a Deer Isle where you will be able to try the best and freshly caught Maine lobster or dishes cooked from its meat. That’s for sure it will be unforgettable experience for you!

Which Lobster Is the Sweetest?

One of the sweetest lobsters are Maine lobsters together with Tristan lobsters and West Australian ones. Their tails and sometimes claws are appreciated all over the world, that is why sea food lovers and gourmets come to the areas of their living to try freshly caught sea creatures and get the amazing impressions form their softest and sweetest sea tastes.

Canadian Lobster Prices

The price on lobsters is changeable depending on the season and the weight and the fact whether a lobster is live or frozen. So, you might see prices from 30 dollars for a frozen tail to many hundred dollars for a live Canadian lobster. Of course, if you come to the place where catching lobsters is a usual thing, you will get fresh and delicious seafood for reasonable prices.

Scottish Lobster VS Canadian Lobster

These two lobster breeds are very alike and they look similar. But they have certain distinctions. The flesh and shell of a Scottish lobster is softer but less sweet than the flesh of the Canadian lobster. Plus, Canadian lobster is caught all year around in cold waters, while a Scottish lobster is quite seasonal and it may be fished during June and May when their meat is rich and tasty. In Canada the industry of fishing and selling lobster is really huge and it makes up around seventy-five per cent of the whole world lobster industry. That is impressive, isn’t it?

So, now you know much more about the lobster varieties and tastes and you may choose the lobster dishes to your liking in many countries of the world. If you have got enough money, you may order live lobster delivery and enjoy the best seafood taste and flavor. Or you may get a ticket on the plane and go to Canada or Maine and feel what it’s like to eat a freshly fried lobster in a restaurant at the sea or ocean the shore when light breeze is blowing and the smell of the sea may be easily felt. Enjoy the best in your life!

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