How to Clean a BUNN Coffee Maker with Vinegar

HOW TO Deep Clean BUNN
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Deep clean a BUNN coffee maker with vinegar

If you own one of these BUNN Speed Brew coffee makers you should be giving it a good deep cleaning at least every three months to get rid of mineral deposits. I’m going to show you how to do that.

The items you’ll need are vinegar, dish soap, and a toothpick. Now to start you’re going to take four cups of vinegar which I have pre-measured here and pour them into the top. There are two cups, this is also equivalent to one quart. Go ahead and pour your vinegar into the top, make sure this is in place and close the top.

Empty your carafe you can turn off your machine of course you can turn it off while it’s brewing and then unplug it.

Basically what you’ve done is you have poured vinegar into your brewer which has gone down into your water tank and the water that was in there has been pushed out and that’s what we just flushed.

So now you’re going to have vinegar sitting in your water tank and it’s going to work its magic. So you wait for two hours.

Okay, now that your two hours are up you’re going to want to remove your spray head. The reason you don’t want to do this earlier is that this spray head will be hot. And then you can look inside and see if you have any mineral deposits in there, that’s where your toothpick would come in handy you could go in there and poke at it. I’ll insert a picture here.

Occasionally I get this problem where I get a little bit of mineral deposit in there. Wash this with your soap and rinse it. I’ve gone ahead and filled this with water, just plain water, and we’re going to fill the brewer, but first, we need to put our brew funnel in place. Go ahead and pour this into the top.

As always, put it in place and then go ahead and close the lid. And we will just wait for this to flush out. So you’re going to be getting a lot of the vinegar that was inside of your hot water tank. You’re going to want to do this process about four times or until you don’t smell the vinegar anymore. So that’s going pretty quickly and you might even see some little like flakes of hard deposits that build up inside the machine.

That’s okay just go ahead and dump them out. So you go ahead and empty this out.

Now once you’ve done that four or five, however many times, you know until you stop smelling the vinegar, go ahead and replace your spray head.

Put your brew funnel back in place, plug in your machine, turn it on, that’s all you have to do. Just wait about 15 minutes until your water gets hot and it’s ready to go.

How to clean your coffee maker?

If your home brewed coffee isn’t tasting as fresh as it used to it might be time to clean out your coffee maker?

Here’s an easy way to do it using an ingredient that’s probably in your house right now – white vinegar.

  1. Start by pouring equal parts distilled white vinegar and water into the machine’s water chamber.
  2. Then hit the switch to brew.
  3. When half the liquid has brewed, turn off the coffeemaker, and let the solution sit for about an hour. This helps remove any oily residue and impurities.
  4. Turn it on again to finish the cycle.
  5. Then discard the solution and run several cycles with clean water until the vinegar smell is gone.

You’ll be amazed at how much better your coffee tastes.

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